Job Offer - Business Analyst - China / Pudong)

2018 – Job Offer: Business Analyst (M/W)

Deroose Plants - Belgium

Deroose Plants - Pudong - Shanghai  / China 

Company Profile:
Deroose Plants Inc. is a supplier of young plants across the world. We have divisions in Europe (Belgium), China (Shanghai) and the USA (Apopka, FL).
Our company was founded in the early 1980s, and has since earned numerous awards for its unique and exclusive collections, as well as for its innovation.
We supply young plants and ornamental plants. Our product line includes bromeliads, spathiphillum, and other ornamental plants such as nepenthes, ficus, alocasia, codiaeum, chlorophytum and others.

Business Analyst:


• Understand the processes of the company and support its digitalization
• Generate operational and corporate reports for SFP-Deroose Plant and the Group Deroose, with leading Business Intelligence and Reporting tool selected by the company
• Support the Group Deroose in the implementation of its ERP system


• Young Graduate with strong academic background in business economics and/or mathematics and/or physics and/or engineering.
• Or professional with strong analytical skills with at least three years of experience in related fields
• Capable of effectively communicate with managers
• Speaking English fluently and willing to improve
• Quick learner and willing to develop skills in business process management, digitalization, data management
• Capable and willing to learn BI and Reporting tools, and social media development tools


Job description:

1. Achieving annual and quarterly sales target
2. Respond timely, accurate and complete record keeping,Create a customer profile.
3. Willing to develop the domestic Market in addition to growing and maintaining the existing customer 4. Providing the customer with value-added service
5. Established the company’s image and reputation
6. Developing and maintaining a high level of product knowledge of DEROOSE and competitive product
7. Implementing company brand and sales plan
8. Providing assistance in pricing, marketing information
9. Collect and update marketing database for analysis


1. College education or above
2. Proficiency in computer skill in Microsoft Office
3. Willingness of occasional overnight stay depending on business need as well as sales meeting and exhibitions
4. Marketing acumen and Customer relationship building skill
5. A solution-based interaction with internal team member and external customer


3. 维护现有客户,拓展国内市场



2. 精通Office软件
3. 不排斥业务需要的加班及展会需要
4. 具备市场及客户关系技巧
5. 擅于内部协作及客户关系沟通


For more information about the job offer please contact or
call +86 21 5829 6140