Oil palm: Champion in Productivity

Palm oil is made from the fruit of the oil palm Elaeis guineensis. It is found in roughly half the packaged products sold in grocery stores, including favorite snack foods like ice cream, cookies, crackers, chocolate products, instant noodles, cereals and potato chips. The global demand for palm oil is increasing rapidly.

Oil palm is a very productive crop, it gives far greater yield per hectare than other plant oils like rape seed and sunflower oil. Oil palms are conventionally propagated by seed, but the yield per tree of the seedling grown trees can vary by 30%! By selecting the plants with the highest yield and cloning them by tissue culture, it is possible to have plantations with only the highest yielding trees.  
As a part of the Siat Group, major producer of oil palm and rubber, Deroose Plants research team has focused on setting up a sustainable multiplication program for oil palm from tissue culture. In this program, we only use clones carefully selected for high-yield and disease resistance. 

Siat Group is member of the RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Oil) and we are very proud that its subsidiary GOPDC (Ghana Oil Palm Development Company) was the first fully P&C and SCCS  certified company to both produce and trade certified palm oil products in Africa!